What We Do

At Prime ProMedia

More Than You Can Believe!
We primarily provide rentals and support services to the Professional, Prosumer and Consumer entertainment community. ..

But That's Not All We Do!
We are pleased to provide a wide range of sales and support for both professional and consumer products. We provide crew services, sound and acoustic reinforcement for events including media pool sound feeds, podiums, projection for large and small events and much more!!!

Who We Are

The "Pro" In Prime ProMedia

Why We Started It All?
We saw a need to provide an alternate budget conscious broadly defined support services to an industry we are passionate about. So we decided to set up a company that not only provides quality cost effective rates for all of your ProMedia needs no matter how varied they might be.

We Are Experienced!
Between all of us at Prime ProMedia, we have a combined 80 years of experience in the Media, Film and the Broadcast industry. Click more to meet our Professional Staff!

Special Services

That We Provide

Quality Rentals and What?
DVD To VHS Dubs, Audio Cassette to CD, Onsite Tech Support, Delivery, Onsite Camera Operators, Video Editing, Graphic Design and much, much more!