About Us

We are a Winnipeg based rental house that serves the production community. That spans anything from a small PA system at your office to cameras for a broadcast TV show and everything in between.

Why we are different

Why we started it all?
We saw that many in this industry are working within a "budget" and too many other companies were just not giving people a fair deal! So we decided to set up a company that not only provides quality but cost effective rates for all your ProMedia needs!


Here at Prime ProMedia we have a staff that has a combined experience of 80 years in the entertainment industry!

Our Services

Here at Prime ProMedia we provide In House Editing, VHS to DVD Transfers, Hi8 To DVD TRansfers, Film Transfers, in house graphics and creative, setup and deliverys, onsite tech support, Dvd/CD Disc publishing and printing. Whatever your ProMedia needs we will make sure you are supported.